Patient Reviews

As a trainer for more than 30 years I’ve met scores of wonderful doctors that led the pack in their particular fields of medicine. When I met Dr. Tamika Henry some years ago I was impressed by her vast knowledge of traditional as well as more natural and effective methods of medicine for today’s world. As a former world champion now in my 50’s, I still challenge myself physically and I do it with confidence knowing Dr. Tamika Henry has my back. Her advice and support is woven into my personal health plan. If you have a health need or concern take it from me, former Mr. Natural Universe, call Dr. Tamika Henry. You’ll be glad you did.

– Lacy Weston

I have found Dr. Tamika Henry to be extremely helpful. I would highly recommend her any day! She is so easy to talk to, very motivating, great sense of humor (not necessarily a common trait among physicians yet very appreciated), and very knowledgeable about treatments for different conditions that are more natural and effective than most other doctors recommend. I’m very thankful for her and her practice!

– Delphine Shannon

I have known Dr. Tamika Henry for more than 20 years. Even before becoming a Physician Dr. Henry exhibited intellect and care for people and their well-being. Dr. Henry is also bilingual, which speaks to her understanding of looking to be open to the diversity of patience needs. Unbeknownst to those who have yet to come to know her, she also has a wonderful sense of humor; which serves to balance out her serious approach when addressing the sensitive nature of her practice. I strongly recommend Dr. Tamika Henry to my family, friends and any person seeking a caring and competent physician.

– John Crear

Dr. Henry is FANTASTIC ! I have never felt so comfortable with a doctor. She is so approachable. She makes the office visit fun. She really listens to all of my complaints and never rush me. She makes me feel like family. She is always encouraging and motivating. I don’t know how I survived so long without a doctor like her. She is the best. Thank You Dr. Henry

– DeNalda Powers

All I can say is Dr. Tamika Henry is AMAZING!! She is fun creative ambitious motivating and most of approachable. She makes me feel comfortable coming to her with whatever issues I am dealing with and most of all she actually listens and hears what is ailing you and then gives feed back based on your individual needs all while trying to get to the root of your problem. It feels good to go to a warm comfortable and inviting space. Thank you Dr. Henry!! Good Job!

– Brandi Asbury

Dr. Henry is a physician that is one of a kind. She was able to help me find the root cause of my health problems, instead of just giving me medications like others did in the past. Dr. Henry is easy to talk to, fun, and motivating. Even when I stray off my plan at times, she’s right there to get me back on track. I’m so happy that I found her and even more excited that I’m finally seeing results! Thank you, Dr. Henry! You’re the BEST!

– Linda M

My name is Norma. i was diagnosed with Diverticulitis two years ago. I was feeling tired without energy. I met Dr Henry and told her what was going on. My skin had been bother me as well. Dr Henry ordered a saliva test that did not made any sense. I am a nurse and had never heard of a saliva test. Dr Henry explained the results very detailed and until i understood. She put me on a diet and supplements. She is a lifesaver i started feeling better, even my boyfriend noticed the difference. I had more energy, going to the gym and loosing weight. I have not had a Diverticulosis attack. I do not consider what Dr Henry recommended as diet, but a change on lifestyle. How good I love myself and how good I want to feel. Pain free with a little sacrifice. Thank You , Dr. Henry.

– oscar lizama

DR. Henry made me feel 100% comfortable. She’s very bubbly and fun and takes the fear out of going to the doctor. I never feel judged when asking any questions. She explains things in such a manner where everything is understandable. Instead of feeling like I’m going to the doctor I feel like I’m having a generalized conversation with a friend. her warm and kind disposition will have me come back time and time again.

– brittney asbury

Dr. Henry is absolutely caring and very concerned for her patients and it shows in her practice (Unlimited Health Institute). She knows what you need and how to get to the root of the problem and then works on it until it is complete. The program that I followed was pleasant, not difficult at all. The results were positive. I feel better, sleep better and I even lost twenty pounds. I am thankful to have found Unlimited Health Instroute, Dr. Henry is committed in making sure you become your best self.

– Rose Williams

For anyone looking for great care, I would definitely suggest Unlimited Health Institute. Dr. Henry is a caring doctor who truly focuses on “you”. Since different treatments may work differently on each person, she makes sure to focus on what works on you. Thank you Dr. Henry for providing such great care. It is truly appreciated!

– Paula L.

Best decision I could ever make for myself. I am so happy with my results. This office is professional and personable. They listen to their patients, this shows me how much they care about me and my long term healthcare.
– Roshanna Campbell Coaching

Dr. Henry was a joy to be around, because she was always motivating me. I really enjoyed how she takes a fun approach to become the healthiest version of myself. I truly appreciate everything that this amazing woman has done for me 10/10 would recommend.

– Raquel Henry

I came to Dr. Henry tired, emotionally fatigued, weight climbing and feeling frustrated because the “regular doctors” said all of this was because I was now over 50 and this would be my life going forward. I knew this could not be the right answer and Dr. Henry proved that to be true. With compassion, diligence, tests that revealed what was really going on and a deep desire to get to the heart of the issues, Dr. Henry proceeded to help uncover things that my previous doctors did not even check for! I am losing weight, my adrenals are working again, the fog is lifting and life is looking better and better each day thanks to her care. If any of this sounds familiar and you want to feel good again, book an appointment today, invest in yourself and get moving towards unlimited health. You won’t be disappointed.

– Andrea Humphrey

Oh how I love Dr. Henry!! Her ability to get into specific heath needs are PRICELESS! She’s very astute when it comes different conditions and symptoms. My experience from day one has been absolutely AMAZING! Thank you Dr. Henry for raising the bar in healthcare!

– Kimberly Robinson

I am a 40+ young AA woman who met Dr. Tamika 3 years ago in a church life group. The connection was immediate and I shared my health concerns. Most people look at me and say, “Wow, You are so skinny” (which for the most part is annoying) because I do wish I would gain a few pounds. Any way, I had a habit of eating 4 Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookies every night around 10p (the ones that you bake, OH MY), I could grab a Fat Burger turkey burger anywhere between 11p – 2a at least 2x a week, french fries are my weakness and I wouldn’t gain much weight. I didn’t realize the damage as I wasn’t gaining weight and for the most part I did eat healthy with just a few bad habits. Well those small bad habits caused years of sporadic constipation, bloating and my stools were not the healthiest. After sharing my story, Dr. Tamika performed some very intense testing that CHANGED MY LIFE. The test results confirmed, sugar, wheat, soy, dairy late night eating, are not good friends to my body. I had to reevaluate my food intake and I am now forever changed!!! Dr. Tamika gets to the root of the problem, she does not apply a bandaid. I trust her whole-heartedly as that is her mission for all of her patients. Please if you love yourself and want to wake up everyday knowing you are adding to a healthy lifestyle. What are you waiting for CALL DR. TAMIK

– Deja Startv

Dr. Henry is AMAZING! She is very positive and is passionate about her craft. Outstanding! She is a phenomenal medical doctor and wonderful individual.

– Margie Harper

Best doctor’s visit ever. Dr Henry has great bedside manner. She makes you feel like you’re the only patient. There’s never a rush

– Alicia Herrera

Dr. Henry is very straight forward and amazing, she is very helpful and understanding and is very easy to approach to with all concerns. I would highly recommend dr.henry to everyone and I believe from my experience you will feel as welcomed and satisfied as I.

– Semaj Smith

Dr. Henry is awesome! She takes her time with you and genuinely cares for your health and getting you a positive outcome.

– Michelle Hawkins

I highly recommend going to see Dr. Henry, she treated me as if we are like family. Dr. Henry blessed me into becoming a healthier person

– Tierre Clark

“Dr. Henry really knows her stuff.” She is easy to talk to and has her own experience to share, to help motivate you into becoming a overall better person inward and out.

– Malena Kurn

Dr. Henry is absolutely wonderful. She is very understanding, attentive, and truly cares about her clients.

– M Willis

I love Dr Henry and her personality is the best. She really cares about her patients and wants the best for them!!!.

– Rhonda Conley

What a relief and a pleasure to find a doctor who listens and truly informs you on what is going on with your body!!!

– Jackie Broxton

Dr. Henry is the first doctor out of all my other doctors to discover the real reasons behind my health issues therefore, words cannot express how immensely happy I am with her. She genuinely cares for each and every one of her clients and it shows.

– shannon kelly